Everyone grants someone else a fair chance at a healthy life. But how? More money goes to health care every year, and yet the health statistics show that existing disparities are increasing.
That is why Fontys University of Applied Sciences will focus on a fair chance of health for everyone by developing a Center of Expertise Health with partners in the region. This is how Fontys wants to contribute to the Dutch national mission that we live longer in good health and that health inequalities decrease. 

People outside Fontys do not yet know that Fontys is a knowledge institution (also research, not just education). They conduct research with partners in the field. They want to expand en strengthen the connection between education, research and the professional field.
This requires an increased awareness about what they do, what they stand for and what they can do for their (potential) partners. The animation helps Fontys to increase awareness (the animation is in Dutch).
Storyboard approved by the client
Fontys Health animation storyboard
Fontys Health animation storyboard

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