It's easier to answer the question "What didn't I do for Plat4mation and App4mation?" when it comes to my profession. Let me try to explain it as clearly as possible.

Keep reading if you want to know more about my vision on branding and marketing. Go to the paragraph "So long story short..." for the short description.

Fast growing company
When I started working at Plat4mation she was in her startup phase. Less than 40 people worked for the company. During my employment they have grown considerably and at the end of my employment they had offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA and India, founded their sister company App4mation and quadrupled in employees. No wonder Plat4mation is one of the 100 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

From no direction to a fully functioning strategy
Like many startups, Plat4mation had no branding and marketing strategy because the initial focus goes to the product and services. But don't underestimate the importance of a brand and marketing strategy!

Let me explain with one of my favorite metaphors (thank you Jos Burgers).
You want to buy a house. Do you want a mortgage? No! It's just a necessity to buy a house. You would prefer to buy a house without a mortgage. When you provide mortgages you only think about mortgages but the potential client doesn't.

So what does this mean?
Those who better understand what customers really want, will discover that they mainly need solutions. Solutions that they enjoy or that take away their "pain". When you have a good product or service then you still need the help of branding and marketing to communicate this clearly to the potential client and to help them identify themselves with your company, products and services.

Back to the start
In order to achieve this, I had to go back to the start by creating a recognizable brand identity for potential clients ánd employees. A very specific and unique identity, clearly formulated and recognizable to also ensure internal commitment. At the same time a benchmark for behavior, communication and corporate identity to radiate clarity to the outside.
In addition, you also have to look at creating value, also known as positioning. Where do you want to position yourself? How unique are we? Make choices, bring focus because you cannot do everything, it's not credible. The identity and chosen positioning must blend with all the communication and marketing for recognisability.

How does this help?
With a strong identity you improve your reputation. Your behavior match with what you say and radiate, which makes you reliable. And your reputation has a direct impact on your market share, which has a direct impact on your profit.

So long story short...
I created and realized the brand and marketing strategy for Plat4mation and App4mation.
The accomplishments will be uploaded soon. Please stay tuned!

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