People outside Fontys University do not yet know Fontys as a knowledge institution. Fontys conducts research in collaboration with partners. In addition, it is unclear to people what Incusive Society does and what Fontys is striving for.

Inclusive Society has a cross-domain role within Fontys, which means that they conduct research based on the wide range of expertise that Fontys has in-house. The research is carried out in a multidisciplinary manner with (external) partners, governments, students and the public. The issues they tackle are mainly at macro level, in order to change the major social issues from there.

With this animation Fontys wants to change the image people have about Fontys. That they are not only an educator, but a knowledge institution with which you can collaborate. 
Storyboard approved by the client
Fontys Inclusive Society animation storyboard
Fontys Inclusive Society animation storyboard

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